Sparta and Athens were formed in two different ways.

Socrates would have found few takers for his conversation at Sparta -- and it is hard to imagine the city tolerating his questions for anything like the thirty or more years that Athens did.

Sparta is the most formidable city known in history.

In the ancient world where wars raged, Sparta was an empire of world class fighters.

"Byzantine Luxury Arts." In World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras.

Henry Kissinger, President Nixon's foreign policy adviser and later Secretary of State, is supposed to have remarked once, privately, that the United States was liable to lose the Cold War to the Soviet Union in the same way and for the same reasons that Athens lost the Peloponnesian War to Sparta.

It is many do not know how true this quote was in Ancient Sparta.

The attitudes in Greek philosophy towards Athens and Sparta, as well as sympathies and actions comparable to those of Plato, can also be seen in the Twentieth Century.

There are historians, like Plato, that argue that women caused the fall of Sparta.

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After the death of Callicratidas Spartan allies sought to have Lysander reappointed as navarch but as it didn’t comply with Spartan law he was appointed as aracus’s deputy in name, but was the actual commander....

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Athens was protected by its "Long Walls" that it had constructed earlier, so it was near impossible for the Spartan army to break through and ravage Athens....

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Spartan women led a completely different life than women in most other ancient Greek city states, as they were depended upon to maintain Spartan social systems....

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Throughout the course of this paper, I hope to explain the reasoning behind the dissension between Sparta and Athens, made war between these former allies inevitable....

However, Sparta still maintains its respect, as its historical impacts are of epic proportions.

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While not fond of marching, the Spartans still did. Also not the biggest fans of the oceans, the Spartans still however had a navy. Fond of fighting, and the Spartans excelled at this. The hard training, the service and loyalty of its citizens, the State of Sparta was perhaps the first fully military based state in the ancient world. When it came to battle the Spartans took the modern military tactics of the ancient Greeks and drilled and refined it to perfection, in hand to hand combat a Spartan man was worth more than any other. The Spartan military had a reputation that was well deserved.

Sparta and Athens were different in their values, politics, and societies.

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The women of the city-states of Athens and Sparta had profound differences in their roles in the political and the daily lives of their families and their cities.

Sparta and Athens are alike in few ways one was is in there class of social groups.

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