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There have been three moderately popular versions of thisstrategy. The first treats analogical reasoning as generalizationfrom a single case; the second treats it as a kind of samplingargument. A third type of inductive justification recognizes theargument from analogy as a distinctive form, but treats its pastsuccesses as evidence for future success.

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Analyse and evaluate your progress using examples from your work to illustrate your arguments.

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On the probabilistic conception, plausibility is naturallyidentified with rational credence (rational subjective degree ofbelief) and is typically represented as a probability. A classicexpression may be found in Mill's analysis of the argument fromanalogy in A System of Logic:

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In response: there is no doubt at all about the value of theconnectionist models, but there is still a strong case that we need atheory, such as Hesse's, that offers normative principles forevaluating analogical arguments. In the first place, even if therecognition and construction of analogies are largely a matter ofperception, this does not eliminate the need for critical evaluation ofanalogical inferences. Regardless of how a program (or human)generates such an inference, we are entitled to ask: Is this a goodanalogy? Second and more importantly, we need to look notjust at the construction of analogy mappings but at the ways in whichindividual analogical arguments are subsequently debated in fields suchas mathematics, physics, philosophy and the law. These high-leveldebates require reasoning that bears little resemblance to thecomputational processes of ACME or Copycat. (Ashley's HYPO(Ashley 1990) is one example of a non-connectionist program thatfocuses on this aspect of analogical reasoning.) There is,accordingly, room for both computational and traditional philosophicalmodels of analogical reasoning.

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Analogies are widely recognized as playing an importantheuristic role, as aids to discovery. They have beenemployed, in a wide variety of settings and with considerable success,to generate insight and to formulate possible solutions toproblems. According to Joseph Priestley, a pioneer in chemistryand electricity,

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The point of the example should be clear. Increasedsystematicity does not always increase plausibility; reducedsystematicity does not always decrease it. The elimination ofsystematic analogy can contribute to plausibility when what iseliminated is a counteracting cause (see Lee and Holyoak 2008). The more general point is that systematicity can be misleading, unlesswe take into account the nature of the relationships betweenvarious factors and the hypothetical analogy. This problemapplies to any theory that equates structural isomorphism withplausibility.

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Most prominent theories of analogy, philosophical and computational,are based on overall similarity between source and targetdomains—defined in terms of some favoured subset of Hesse'shorizontal relations (see ). Aristotle and Mill, whose approach is echoed in textbook discussions,suggest counting similarities. Hesse's theory() favours “pre-theoretic”correspondences. The structure-mapping theory and its successors() look to systematicity, i.e., tocorrespondences involving complex, high-level networks ofrelations. In each of these approaches, the problem istwofold: overall similarity is not a reliable guide toplausibility, and it fails to explain the plausibility of anyanalogical argument.