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This essay the big three took in becoming about the only approved cancer treatments in the USA, although the data shows that cancer patients usually do not live longer by using their treatments. The evidence suggests that people can live much longer by doing nothing rather than allowing themselves to be treated by orthodox, attack-the-tumor methods. For instance, Hardin B. Jones, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, studied 23 years' worth of cancer mortality statistics. His research was simple: when was somebody diagnosed with cancer, how long did they live after diagnosis, and did they have mainstream cancer treatment? His study was done in the 1950s and was published in 1956. For treated patients, their life expectancy after diagnosis was three years, which is about the same today. For untreated patients, those who generally refused treatment, their life expectancy was 12.5 years. For mainstream treatment, Jones found no evidence that early detection or "aggressive" treatment increased patients' life expectancies, and that the data that showed that we were "winning" the war on cancer was largely due to statistical games. Researchers have collected those kinds of statistics only a few times since Jones's work, and their data always confirmed Jones's findings. Ironically, as alternatives are attacked because they allegedly do not work, there is no evidence that the mainstream treatments work, if by "working" we mean increasing a patient's life expectancy. By the standards imposed on alternative cancer treatments, the mainstream treatments are worse than complete failures, cause immense suffering while they do not work, and “coincidentally” make huge sums of money for the cancer treatment industry.

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Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp lived from 1816 to 1908. Béchamp, a physician, unlike Pasteur, had plenty of biological and medical training. He was also a doctor of science, a pharmacist, and a college chemistry, physics, pharmacology, and toxicology professor. He is a known figure in industrial science, as he developed an economical process to produce aniline and the many dyes and drugs based on it. Regarding his life’s work, however, he is virtually unknown today. He was a leading figure in his time, but today his name is all but unknown in the orthodox histories of biology and medicine. I first heard of Béchamp in 1990 as I began my education in alternative , , medicine, and related areas. His story is worth telling, and the rest of this medical essay will deal at length with the idea that Béchamp was only the first in a long line of researchers whose work pointed toward a different paradigm in biology and medicine, which may still be adopted one day.

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My mystical mentors have informed me that light will be one of the remedies of the future. Subjecting the body to varying frequencies and intensities of light can eliminate disease and keep a body well. When one begins studying the , the idea becomes a natural one. Dinshah Ghadiali was a gifted scientist who rubbed shoulders with Edison and Tesla, and came to America from India in the 1890s, believing the "land of the free" propaganda and Horatio Alger tales. In the 1920s, Ghadiali developed and used with great success what he called Spectro-Chrome Therapy ("SCT"). It was simply subjecting people to light waves. In certain respects, it was little different from Royal Rife's therapy (presented in this essay soon). As soon as he came into power, Fishbein attacked Ghadiali and SCT in the January 24, 1924 . Fishbein led the attacks that saw Ghadiali put on trial eight times, and he eventually spent eighteen months in prison. In a pattern that will become familiar, a 1945 fire of mysterious origin destroyed Ghadiali's main research building just before an important trial. At that trial, with the fire eliminating most of the evidence that he could defend himself with, part of the judgment was to .

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Al Capone Autobiography research papers discuss Al Capone's life and the lives of his family.

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Rife died in 1971, and his Universal Microscope eventually ended up in Crane’s home, being cannibalized for spare parts for a radio! In the mid-1970s, Christopher Bird began researching the Rife saga, and began the search for his microscope. The results were published inin March 1976, under the title, "What has Become of the Rife Microscope?" In 1978, Wilhelm Reich’s daughter told Bird that there was another Rife who was working in Canada, and Bird found Gaston Naessens. Naessens's story is coming soon enough, but this essay will first cover the rest of Fishbein's illustrious career.

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With the works of Copernicus and Vesalius, Western science began its fitful rise and religion gradually lost its grip over the masses. In the 1600s, William Harvey further proved Galen’s work wrong, as he showed that the human heart was a pump that circulated blood throughout the body. Just as Copernicus did not immediately overturn Ptolemaic dogma regarding an Earth-centered universe, Vesalius did not immediately overturn all Galenic dogma. In 1628, Harvey published his research into the heart and its function. Similar to Galen and Vesalius, Harvey was a court physician, in his case to England’s King James I. In addition (and this is a central concern of this medical essay), Galen, Vesalius, and Harvey were all viciously attacked by their colleagues, who . Vesalius became so disgusted by the attacks that he lit a bonfire, destroyed his notes and works, and got out of anatomy altogether. Harvey endured years of attacks, to finally see his theories vindicated before he died. Not coincidentally, that warfare over those theories and dogma was entirely waged by men, and Harvey was another vivisectionist.

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The source can help us in our research for it provides a main focus on the effects Al Capone’s criminal life started and how his techniques affect even today.