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March 2008 marks the fifth anniversary
of the US occupation of Iraq. The best way
to mark this anniversary is to demand that
the US and British forces withdraw their
troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and halt
their threats against Iran. Crucially, we must
demand that the Irish government ends
its complicity with the US war and torture
machine at Shannon.

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{p. 29} was now exceeding its in-migration, its Jewish-based welfarepolicies were eroding, and hundreds of active reservists were refusingmilitary duty in the dirty colonial war. The plan to "democratize"the Middle East proposed by US Zionists in the government in essence intendedjoint control by the US and Israel over the entire Middle East via a seriesof wars.5 A series of US wars against independent Arab regimes, beginningwith Iraq, was clearly in the interests of the Israeli state and so itwas perceived by the Sharon regime, its secret police (Mossad), the Israelimilitary, and rightwing Zionists in positions of influence in Washington.

debate against war with Iraq Essay - 551 Words | Bartleby

{p. 25} those which preceded the war against Iraq. Though the understandingof the general public appears to have moved beyond the original officialreasons for war (WMDs, the presence of Al Qaeda, and "bringing democracy"),and even beyond its supplemental pretexts (regime change, human rights),the present focus of both public and progressive criticism is directedlargely towards the interests of Big Oil or "empire" as the sourceof the conflict. The notion that the US went to war against Iraq for thegreater good of Israel remains largely absent from commentary in the majormedia.

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President Bush spoke with similar enthusiasm about regional transformationas he made the case for war against Iraq. On February 26, 2003, he toldan audience at AEI that the United States aims to "cultivate libertyand

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{p. 55} well-documented essay written by Professor Walt of Harvard Universityand Professor Mearsheimer of University of Chicago critical of the Lobby'sinfluence on US Middle East policy. However, a virulent campaign againstMearsheimer and Walt was then waged by all the major Jewish publicationsand pro lsrael organizations. From the ultra-rightwing Orthodox JewishPress (which claims to be the largest "independent" Jewish newspaperin the US), to the formerly social democratic Forward, to the Jewish Weekly,all have launched, together with all the major Jewish organizations, apropaganda campaign of defamation ("the new Protocols of Zion","anti-Semitic", "sources from Neo-Nazi websites...")and pressure for their purge from academia.

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Two of the liveliest moral debates during the Gulf War involved weaponry used. The coalition wondered if Hussein would use gas warfare and Iraq wondered if President Bush would use nuclear bombs. Fortunately neither were used even though some suspect limited gas attacks were made. President Bush animatedly declared that if coalition troops were gassed, the strongest retaliation would be used. There was little doubt what he meant by "strongest retaliation" and the threat worked. In his autobiography, General Powell stated that he was asked to draw up plans for the use of nuclear weapons against Iraq (Associated Press 1995). After the war, military planners admitted that nuclear bombs would not have been used even if large-scale gas attacks killed coalition troops. Instead, large dams were targeted which, once destroyed, would flood Baghdad. Whether nuclear bombs or flooding were to be used, either one breaks the most basic rule of war: non-combatants are not legitimate targets. As horrendous as gas attacks would have been, retaliating by mass killing of the Iraqi civilian population would not have been acceptable. Just as Saddam Hussein's presence in the war zone qualified him for justifiable death, so did the coalition troops' presence. If the unlikely situation of gathering only Iraqi troops together and destroying them using nuclear bombs or flooding, then those means would then be justified.