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This research report has answered the questions i.e. what is social network? What are the advantages and disadvantages ofsocial networks? How social networks will influence on people in the future? The research report will specify in thefields of education and business, which are two of the most important fields in the modern world, as parts of advantagesof social networks. On the other hand, the report will highlight the major problems of today world such as online crimeand addiction to social networks as primary disadvantages. Besides, there are analyses and predictions concerning withthe dominance of social networks and how they will influence on people in the future.

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After analysing all the advantages and disadvantages of social networks, the organizations which specify their interest insocial media, came up with several recommendation concerning with the usage of social networks.

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On the other hand, teachers can take the advantage of studentsâ„¢ social networking abilities to create discussion forums,class blogs and online teaching. Such collaboration between students and teachers, acting social networks as a medium,can help the students gain opportunities to cover knowledge in a wider area and pursue interest.

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Social media has taken the world by storm through dozens of websites, mobile apps, and other forms of technologies improving the way people communicate with each other. There are social media sites that have millions of members allowing them to share photos, videos, text messages, and more on a regular basis. There are a large number of advantages and disadvantages to using such sites that leave researchers wondering if we are better off without it. Has social media improved or damaged the way people connect with each other? There are studies that suggest it has done both.

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