About us…

Francis Broderick is an American journalist with a background in market research. He is particularly fascinated with the ever-evolving world of technology and the media. His work has been published in several magazines, and he has been a guest speaker for local radio.

Stephanie Kopf has lived in Siberia, New York City and Germany. She is passionate about writing for an audience. Her subject areas include anything related to the human psyche, education, communication in all its forms, entertainment, travel and lifestyle, as well as the interaction of all of these with each other. She has been writing internationally since her schooldays and has had her work published both in print and online.

Seamus Murphy grew up in Limerick, Ireland and has since lived in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. He has a background in public relations and teaching and has become an enthusiastic blogger. Seamus enjoys writing about international affairs, communication, technology and environmental issues. He is a keen fan of traditional Irish music.

The theme of our blog is trends and forecasts, and we are happy to write articles/blog entries on this subject by request. Furthermore, we are always looking for fresh, original content to publish. Should you wish to become a contributor, please do let us know. Finally, should you wish to re-publish one of our articles, please do not hesitate to make contact using the details provided. All we ask in return is that you provide a link to our blog at the bottom of any re-published work.