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Antony and have teamed up on reworking the title track "Returnal" from OPN's latest album. The 7" version is out August 31st thru . You can hear Antony's version .

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Antony performed 2 sold out symphony concerts at the Sydney Opera House with Rob Moose conducting, with guests William Basinski and Johanna Constantine. After stoping in Perth to do 2 more shows, Antony heads to Tokyo, Japan with Billy, Johanna and Rob to do a pair of concerts with Yoshito Ohno and the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio. An image of Kazuo Ohno was featured on the cover of The Crying Light and so there couldn't be a more perfect way to commemorate the final dates of the Crying Light tour. Excerpts from the film "Mr. Ohno's Book of the Dead" will also be screened. It's an honor to be on stage with Yoshito Ohno for our first concerts in Japan.

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The right wing in the US has done the same thing; the Republicans often glide into office on a manipulative platform rallying against gays and reproductive rights, only then to turn their influence to serve the corporations once they are in power.

This is a classic way that right wing parties appeal to the working class, enacting fake morality sweeps across their countries. The fundamentalist Islamics recently did it in Baghdad, executing scores of young gay people in the last year to purge the "American influence" and win the favor of naive constituents. And the rights of women are always just a step behind the rights of faggots. The way a culture embraces its gay and transgender children is one of the greatest litmus tests of the psychic and spiritual health of that society.

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If you are a low life, you will continue to be one in one body or another. If you live in the animal mind, the best you can do is be as you are now again. The worst you can do is start over at the bottom of the evolutionary cycle on Earth.

We’re all of us guinea pigs in the laboratory of God. Humanity is just a work in progress. Tennessee Williams

The cycle of the mind: We know it can take about three and a half billion years to evolve from plant bacteria to mankind, but we did not take that whole trip. Plant life is not conscious life; only animal life is, so we got on the evolutionary ladder when animal life began evolving about seven hundred million years ago.

Plant life does not have consciousness or a mind like animal life does.

Cambrian explosion:
When life became conscious, evolution really started moving fast. Consciousness hooked up evolution more directly to the collective unconscious, and this greatly accelerated evolution. If you look at the fossil evidence, you will see that about half a billion years ago, life exploded on earth. It started evolving very fast. It did this as a direct result of consciousness.

Come together: Where we are now has a lot in common with the Cambrian explosion. Then, we went from single cell animals to multiple cell animals. We had to in order to survive the future changes on the planet. Single cells came together for the benefit of all, and now we are doing it again.

Without the truth, it is every man for himself. With the truth, it is one for all and all for one. The truth and communication technology are connecting us.

Human beings are like big, single cell animals. We are not connected to each other consciously, and just a little bit on the subconscious level. We are in the process of connecting with each other in order to take the next step in our evolution. We will connect spiritually when the truth is realized.

The connection: The ultimate truth will connect us, and we will become like one big organism. It will make the survival of the human race possible, and transforms us into spiritual beings as individuals.

Gates of heaven: Currently, we are at the top of the evolutionary cycle of this world. There is nowhere to go except to the bottom and start over, come back as a human again, or evolve into a spiritual being.

Always getting better: Many people think that life will always get better, that we are always evolving more and more. It is just wishful thinking. The evidence does not support that. Our physical life cycle shows that you physically progress until about age thirty-five, and then you physically start going down hill, so things do not always get better and better, do they? They only do if you know the truth.

The evidence shows that everything is going in a circle.

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If you die as an animal, you are reborn as an animal. If you die as a spiritual being, you are reborn as a spiritual being, so it is important to become one.

It all depends on your perspective and level of awareness you achieve in this life. The collective unconscious connects with you on different levels of awareness. You are connected subconsciously to other souls or spirits that are as aware of the truth and the life as you are. Birds of a feather flock together after death.

Together forever: How can we know we will be together with our loved ones after death? We will be together if our minds are together now, because they are also together in the collective unconscious which determines where and what we are reborn as after death. You will always be with those that know the truth and the life forever once you learn it. This is why you want everyone you love to know it.

The myth of heaven: One of the big selling points of the myth of heaven is you rejoin your loved ones that have died before or after you. The myth says that you see your loved ones the way they looked in this life. This is not true; you are born into new and different bodies. The only thing that is the same is the spirit.

Coming back as you are does not make sense, and no one would really want it to be true. When a child dies, the parents expect them to still be a child when they see them in heaven after they die. Does someone that dies as a child have to stay in a child’s body forever? Do old grandmas stay old? It does not happen. There is no judge or judgment when you die; you will go where life forms like you go. If you live as an animal, you will be an animal in the next life. If you live as a spiritual being, you will continue to be one in your next life.

As John Lennon said, “It is like getting out of one car and into another.”

Ghosts: Spirits do not live without a physical body of one kind or another. Ghosts or disembodied spirits that talk to people and haunt houses do not exist. If there were ghosts where people die, every hospital would be haunted.

Your spirit needs a body to live (be conscious of life). You need functional eyes to see, or the blind could see. You need ears to hear, vocal cords to talk, etc. When you die, from your own perspective, you are instantly reborn into another body inside the womb of your future mother. When you leave the womb, you will be in a new environment that reflects the level of awareness you achieved in this lifespan. Your level of awareness in the collective unconscious mind determines the nature of your new body and environment. It is what all the evidence says is true. If you learn the truth, you are born into a family with the souls of people you are related to and/or loved in this life and past lives if they are also on the same level of awareness. You will eventually be with all your loved ones in heaven after they learn the truth.

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Here is where the report that Pilate receives comes into play - whether from the soldiers or from other intelligence is of little import. Pilate may have heard of any number of things prior to the presentation of the prisoner: Of the peculiar nature of the arrest; of the peculiarities of the Jewish interrogation, which focused rather on obscure points of Jewish religion than on political charges...the end result would be the same: Pilate saw that there was no real danger, and that he was being used by the Jewish leadership. And if you are Pilate, you do not like being used one bit.