Bianco, My Precious…

Mar 14, 2012 by

Occasionally I will refer to a topic universally favoured by many females: the shoe…

What better time than spring to buy new shoes?! If there ever is a bad time for that; ). I don’t think there is. Anyway, Bianco is one of my favourite shoe shops. Each shoe seems to be the perfect mix of fashionable, glamorous, comfortable, and affordable, regardless whether it’s pumps for a night out or boots for walking around the city in rainy weather. There’s just something about the label that makes us girls feel welcome and warm inside when we walk in. But surfing to their online shop works just as well. After all, according to various forecasts from online shopping statistics experts, we are going to be spending more money in online shops in the future. Which is not surprising – who could say no to being able to buy shoes from the comfort of your sofa with a delicious cup of coffee (or your drink of choice) nearby?

My personal recommendation: check out the lovely Ava sandal in black or hot pink, or the always practical, but still elegant New Lonnie boot, for the occasional rainy day.

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  1. Pufferfish

    good shoes are often pricey though – but that’s where sales come in handy, so let’s just wait for that :D

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