Top Ten Apple Statistics

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Top Ten Apple Statistics

Apple products are extremely popular with consumers from all over the world. They are known for their technological aspects as well as their appearance. Apple is rocking it everywhere and making millions in the process. Or more. Surveys relating to iphone statistics alone are staggering. The success story continues and shows no signs of stopping. Want to know the most impressive statistical facts about Apple? Here’s your guide.


  1. Business took first place among the most downloaded iphone app categories in the US in 2010. Generally iphone statistics yield a lot of impressive facts that make it obvious just how successful this product is.
  2. When an app “wants” to be included in a top 10, top 25 or top 50 list of most downloaded apps in the Apple store in Italy, they need to reach a certain amount of downloads. Like 8000 as of November 2011 to make it to the top 10. Yes, we see that most things in life are a competition, and apparently apps have competitions of their own.
  3. In 2010 Europe had the highest app prices in the Apple Appstore, at an average of 3.86 US dollars per app.
  4. We’re all thinking about it, so I’ll just stop beating about the bush and include this information here. Apple is very, very, very rich, and you can multiply this by ten. How rich? Well, the total revenue in 2011 was 108.20 billion US dollars.
  5. 3.62 million Apple notebooks were sold by the last quarter of 2011. Yes, that would have made a lovely Christmas present.
  6. The most popular app categories in 2011 were games, with 17.28% from the total of all apps offered. They were followed by books and entertainment. Interestingly, health and fitness apps are almost at the very bottom of the list.
  7. Still, Apple wasn’t the most valuable brand in the US in 2011. It was outstripped by such giants as Intel, McDonald’s and Google.
  8. A while ago Apple was responsible for the most internet traffic through smartphones, leading by 51% ahead of other manufacturers.
  9. Iphones are most popular in the 25 to 34 age group.
  10. And last but not least: Apple invests quite enough time and money to ensure that all of the above statistics remain as impressive as they are, or become even more impressive. Apple Inc.’s expenses for research and development equalled 2.43 billion US dollars in 2011.

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