Costa Concordia Survivor Granddaughter of Titanic Survivor

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As most people I like to go through the papers during breakfast in the morning. Or surf the web while drinking my coffee. And regardless of my subject areas, I too notice human interest stories.  Which are sometimes accidentally  to be found in the tabloid media, but the facts of the story are eye-catching nonetheless. Like this one.

According to several British newspapers, for instance Daily Mail or Telegraph, one of the survivors of the Costa Concordia disaster is the granddaughter of a Titanic passenger, who was also a survivor. Valentina Capuano was aboard the cruise ship with her fiance, her brother and his girlfriend. The 30-year-old was quoted as saying, “It was like re-living history, it was horrible, I was really shocked. I am still shaken up and get very upset when I think about what I’ve been through, I have heart palpitations.” Ms. Capuano’s grandmother survived the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

Claims from passengers of hearing the theme from James Cameron’s “Titanic” as the ship keeled over I find somewhat far fetched, however.

Experts are concerned about the threats the Costa Concordia poses to the local environment as it lies on its side in the water, while many are perhaps questioning the general development of the cruise market.

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  1. Nina

    An amazing story which shows that life itself is infinitely richer & more unpredictable than any fiction.

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