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A missing 'O' caused problems in the headlines (in , 2000) and (in the , 2012), due to subeditors' typographical errors, and a similar misprintoccurred when a Leicestershire Council press release was headed (2002). In an episode of (2007), the display once read "C UNT", as the featured phrase was "COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS SHOW" and the contestants had not yet asked for an 'O'. A split-second example of a missing 'o' can be found in the title-sequence of :the letters of the title are displayed in various computer-generatedcombinations, including "C untryfile" (Sarah Eglin, 200-). (In a pun on this, magazine once titled an article (2015). In atelevision commercial by Chevron (2005), the 'o' of 'countries' wasreplaced by a round magnifying-glass, rendering the word as "cuntries". A company called 30pTones sells a telephone screen-saverfeaturing the slogan 'ORANGE COUNTRY CHOPPERS', with each 'O' replacedby a wheel to render the slogan as ' RANGE C UNTY CH PPERS' (2005). magazine and bread both employ logos in which the 'o' of 'Country' is envelopedinside the capital 'C', giving the appearance of 'Cuntry Music Plus'and 'Cuntry Grain' respectively. The logo of Town & Country Surf Designs renders the 'o' of 'Country' as a filled circle, resulting in 'C untry'. A Royal Porcelain billboard in Bangkok replaced the letter 'O' in its slogan with a globe, so 'OVER 60 COUNTRIES' became " VER 60 C UNTRIES" (2012). A Bangkok Community Theatre poster advertising the play used a lemon to represent the 'o' in 'Country', rendering the title as 'A C UNTRY WIFE' (2012).

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Medieval homilies and Victorian moral essays are often held up as examples of didactic literature, but one might argue that all literature is didactic to one extent or another since the written word frequently implies or suggests an authorial attitude.

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Forinstance, Ian Hislop, in a speech at Coventry Cathedral, joked about "afour-letter word beginning with 'cu' [that isn't] 'cute'" (2000). Thisexample is especially interesting, due to the context in which it wasspoken. Hislop's speech was addressed to a primarily middle-agedaudience at Coventry Cathedral, and he was introduced by the Bishop ofCoventry. That 'cunt' could be joked about in such circumstances is aclear indication of the public's increasing tolerance towards it.

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This secret eventually came out on the day that they murdered their parents in cold blood

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